First Three Month Open

Wednesday July 08, 2020

Games start at 07:00 PM

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Join our first long form tournament, a 3 round swiss.
This is a 3 month long tournament, where each round lasts 1 month.
You and your partner for the month will be paired on a night where you both can make it to the chess club to play.
We will be tracking no-shows and use of byes in order to prevent abuse.
Time control: 80 minutes with a 5 second delay
USCF Rating: Regular
Rated section has a $5 entry fee, unrated is free.
Prizes depend on number of entries.
Rated players should expect to provide their own boards and clocks.
Rated sections are for registered USCF players only.

The sections listed for upcoming events may change depending on registration and attendance. We do our best to be accurate.

Section Entrants
7 Entrants