Online Three Month Open #1

Wednesday July 01, 2020

12:00 AM


Round 2
Name White Black Result
Table 1 Bryan Castro (Lichess) Jonathan Allen (Lichess) BlackWin Lichess Game
Table 2 Mark Johnson (Lichess) Calle Fitzgerald (Lichess) Draw Lichess Game
Table 3 Dan Barley (Lichess) Cory McLean (Lichess) Pending
Table 4 Colin Higgins (Lichess) Shae Williams (Lichess) BlackWin Lichess Game
Table 5 Riy Mallahi (Lichess) Justin Barleben (Lichess) WhiteWin Lichess Game
Table 6 Stephen Carey (Lichess) Dan Mercado (Lichess) BlackWin Lichess Game

Round 1
Name White Black Result
Table 1 Jonathan Allen (Lichess) Stephen Carey (Lichess) WhiteWin Lichess Game
Table 2 Justin Barleben (Lichess) Mark Johnson (Lichess) BlackWin Lichess Game
Table 3 Bryan Castro (Lichess) Dan Mercado (Lichess) WhiteWin Lichess Game
Table 4 Calle Fitzgerald (Lichess) Riy Mallahi (Lichess) WhiteWin Lichess Game
Table 5 Cory McLean (Lichess) Shae Williams (Lichess) Draw Lichess Game
Table 6 Dan Barley (Lichess) Colin Higgins (Lichess) Draw Lichess Game

Eastern Standard Time

3 Round Swiss

USCF Online Regular Rated (NEW)

G80 with 5 second increment

Games on

Entry Fee: Free, but please consider donating to help grow chess in the region.

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The sections and details for this event are subject to change.

How it Works:

  1. Sign up here.
  2. Players will be invited to the private Tournament Slack Channel.
  3. Pairings will be posted to this event page for each round.
  4. Every round is one month long, and you will have until the 1st day of each new month to play your game for a round.
  5. Agree on a day and time to play your game with your partner.
  6. At your designated time, click your game link, and play!


  1. account – it’s free!
  2. Authenticate East Aurora Chess with your Lichess account.
  3. Current USCF Membership.
  4. You must register by the start of the event.
  5. Commitment to play without assistance, computer or human, within the spirit of good sportsmanship.